Stiller Generator

To meet the silent or super quiet application environment, Kingway silent generator uses a unique exhaust air silencing channel, so that the noise value of the unit is greatly reduced. A 3 phase diesel generator can be used as the main power supply, such as generator radiator and can be used as standby power supply to provide emergency power protection when power failure or temporary. The kinds of silent generator include silent generator, super silent generator, mobile silent generator, containerized type generator. Kingway silent generator sets are designed by professional acoustic engineers with over ten years of experience, the design concept of LPG generator set is advanced and the variety is complete. Compared with the open type generator set, the silent type generator set adds a device to make the generator soundproof and rainproof. The enclosure is used to close the AC alternator compatible open generator set, and the sound insulation material is adhered to the inner wall of the enclosure.