Gebiet 2 Ex-proof Diesel Generator

Hazardous area products manufactured for safe installation of ATEX zone 2 air compressor in explosive atmospheres and hazardous area zones and categorized according to ATEX as follows: 1. Zone 0 Group II Category 1G – the presence of 3 phase gas generator in explosive atmospheres is continuous, frequent or for long time periods; 2. Zone 1 Group II Category 2G – the presence of AC alternator in explosive atmospheres is intermittent in normal operation (likely); 3. Zone 2 Group II Category 3G — the presence of explosive atmospheres is occasional or for short periods (never in normal operation). Kingway Zone 2 Hazardous Area Generator certified by ATEX are diesel driven generator sets for applications like lighting tower in Hazardous Area ( Zone 2 ) mounted in the DNV certified 2.7-1 Skid frame designed to include components of resistive load bank which are all certified by ATEX for Zone II (G) Group II Cat 3. Kingway Zone 2 Hazardous Area Generator as No.1 explosion proof generator in China, our generators and diesel water pump are widely used in oilfield & gasfield industry, onshore & offshore service, have the rich experiences to support client each important project on oilfield and gasfield industry. Explosion proof generator always popular to overseas market.