What is CKD /SKD Generator ?
CKD generator: generator completely knocked down into parts without assembling.
SKD generator: generator semi knocked down into parts partially assembled.

What is CKD/SKD Benefits ?
a) Save on import tax
b) Reduce facility investment
c) Lower transportation cost
d) Decrease assembly expense
e) Enhance assembly ability
f) Improve productivity
g) Promote price competitiveness
h) Expand supply scope

What Brand Range Of CKD/SKD ?
We will support you to get the best CKD/SKD generator solution:
A. For diesel Engine, we can to provide :
①, Cummins ② Perkins ③ Deutz ④ MTU ⑤ Yanmar ⑥. Doosan ⑦. Volvo

B. For alternator, we can to provide :
①Stamford ② Leroy Somer ③ Mecc Alte ④ Kingway Brand Alternator (Stamford Technology)

C. For control System, we are able to provide :① Deepsea ② ComAp ③Smartge ④, Kingway

D. Base Frame
①,Soundproof Enclosure kit ② Supper Silent Canopy Kit ③ Containerized Canopy Kit
E. Other assembly related components